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The CASH IS QUEEN Budget Sheet is FREE 99! Sign up to receive it.

The budget sheet consists of six tabs:

  1. DATA ENTRY - Overall picture of your itemized income & expenses per month.

  2. INCOME/EXPENSE SNAPSHOT - Snapshot of the totals per category (income, expenses, tithing, saving & investments). This tab automatically calculates the expense-income ratio which will allow you to see how much money you are actually spending & where.

  3. CATEGORY PERCENTAGES - This tab automatically calculates your category percentages so that you can compare with the standard recommended percentages. Its' sole purpose is to be a benchmark on how you are tracking & reveals where the money leaks may be coming from.

  4. NET WORTH - This tab is dedicated for calculating your Net Worth (money money money monayyyyy).

  5. DEBT PAYOFF - This tab is dedicated to organizing your debt and determining a payoff strategy.

  6. SAVINGS & SINKING FUNDS - This tab is for proactive planning with upcoming events that require expenses outside of the norm.


Financial Resources & Tools

Disclaimer: Some information below contains affiliate links and should you make a purchase it we may get compensated

For the Modern Day Wealth Builder:

This app is great for managing your Networth & investments.

Interested in getting cash back for purchases you already are making from your favorite stores? Rakuten is a great tool for this!

Chime is a great FREE digital checking & savings account you can open for your variable expenses

For the Modern Day Business Owner:

Stocks on a Screen

Build your business credit with this non-revolving card

Please note: requirements include (but not limited to) a strong personal credit score, a healthy business bank account etc.

Holding Money

Better credit means better business funding options.

Nav will help you build both.

Online Shopping

Receive $20,000 bonus points after $500 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening


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